Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Miriam is completely addicted to her thumb. Awake, asleep, happy, sad, bored, excited? Thumb in mouth. Nom, nom, nom.

IMG_4712 IMG_4704 IMG_4707

For some reason grabbing both sides of her bouncy chair simultaneously qualifies as a super-fun, thumb-relinquishing activity. This qualifies, but eat doesn’t.


I have to force her thumb out of her mouth to feed her.

There are other occasions when you’ll find her without a thumb in her mouth—usually if she is chewing on a toy or someone else’s thumb or a blanket.

Also, she’ll sometimes remove it to give great big smiles.


I love this thumb-sucking girl!


  1. You're right. Marriage seems to be the only option. :) She's positively beautiful.

  2. I know there's a lot of controversy about thumb suckers, but I think it would be delightful to have one. A child that can self-sooth sounds great to me.

  3. I cant believe how big she is getting. She is such a doll!