Friday, June 18, 2010

A bit of Meme

Miriam is a bit of a dare devil. I never would have suspected it of her, but she is. In our apartment we had this raised area with two steps leading up to it. Miriam would climb up there and then slither along the top step, perilously close to the edge and not caring a bit. She also liked to get up on her hands and feet and rock back and forth. I kept waiting for her to pitch forward and fall down the stairs face first but she never did. Luckily.


Every time she went down the stairs face first it was very much on purpose (and very much not a mother-approved method of going down the stairs).

She’s recently started pulling herself up to standing position on couches and coffee tables and such. Often when she’d pull herself up on the coffee table in our living room Rachel would push it toward her until Miriam was clinging on for dear life, almost parallel to the floor, with her feet too far under the coffee table to be able to recover her balance (also not a mother-approved activity).

1 comment:

  1. She looks like a gymnast! And like Andrew. If Andrew were an adorable little girl who had mad gymnasting skills, this would be him. :)