Thursday, September 01, 2011

Meme and keezee bread

Sometime in recent history Miriam changed her named. I'm not even quite sure when it happened. Now instead of calling herself Meme (to rhyme with "theme") she calls herself Me-me (as in saying "me" and then saying "me" again). When she was really little, like days old, and we started calling her Meme I didn't really like it. Andrew did. And it's all Rachel could say so I guess she liked it, too. But I had been dreaming of calling my baby Mimi. Whether I liked it or not, my preference was overruled and thus Meme became Meme.

We've called her Meme her whole life. (That, and Miriam (because that's her name)).

She's called herself Meme for as long as she could talk. And then she started branching out to things like Memester and Mememmers—other nicknames we use—and sometime in the past couple of weeks she started calling herself Me-me. I think she likes it because she almost exclusively uses Me-me...or Mimi...I can't decide the best spelling for it.

I'm kind of heartbroken about it. Now that I've gotten my wish to have my little girl called Mimi, I kind of want Meme back. For now I guess we'll continue using both (or all, if you include Memester and Mememmers). Her language is still developing so there's no need to set a nickname in stone now.

The girls helped me make another batch of zucchini bread today. I first made zucchini bread a couple of weeks ago but Miriam kept calling it banana bread. We kept correcting her until she stopped asking for banana bread and instead started asking for "keezee" bread. She was so excited to help me make more "keezee" bread today. When we put it into the oven she asked if she could "Bite keezee bread?" but was told she'd have to wait until it had finished baking. After dinner when the zucchini bread had finished baking she wanted a "big piece—keezee bread!"

I don't think I ever want her to learn how to say zucchini.

Somehow, though, I think that even if everyone in our house called zucchini "keezee" she'd eventually learn the real word for it and switch over, just like how she switched her nickname on us.

Growing up is a cruel process. It takes all the cute away and replaces it with propriety. I suppose it's all for the best, but still...come on!

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