Sunday, September 04, 2011

Last night

After last night, I've decided that Miriam is teething. She slept in our bed because she kept coming into our room crying and when she did sleep she kept moaning—"Ow, ow, ow!" And she's still constantly chewing on her fingers. Lovely. She is the worst teether in the world. The absolute worst.

Anyway, at around midnight the alarm clock in the girls' room went off so Andrew bumbled around, trying to figure out how to turn it off. He succeeded, but not before pushing a lot of random buttons. The girls' alarm clock doubles as their CD player and if you push the sleep button it will play whatever CD is inside for 40 minutes—Rachel likes this button because it's easier than pushing power and then finding the play button. Andrew, though, had accidentally switched the mode button from CD to radio in his attempt to turn off the alarm, so at 12:40 AM Rachel started screaming.


I ran into her bedroom and asked her what was the matter.

"I can't turn my music on," she sniffed.

I pushed the sleep button. A loud crackling and buzzing was emitted from the speaker. I quickly turned it off.

"It's so scary!" Rachel said.

"It's not scary," I told her, "It's just weird."

"Shark's coming!" Miriam warned us.

"There aren't any sharks coming," I assured her. "It's just that your CD player isn't working."

I pushed the sleep button again and our ears were again blasted with the same crackling, buzzing noise.

"Ahhhh!" Rachel yelled.

"Sharks!" Miriam screamed.

"Uh, that'd be my fault," Andrew announced.

He came in with a flashlight and fixed all the buttons and switches and dials to their proper positions and we were able to turn on Rachel's music. She soon drifted off to sleep but poor little Miriam was so distraught about sharks that she was basically inconsolable.

We took her into bed with us, where she whimpered and sucked her thumb while she snuggled into my pillow. Andrew turned off the light.


That would be the sound of Miriam's thumb flying out of her mouth. It usually precedes her saying something surprisingly profound.

"So dark!" she observed.

(Did I say profound? I meant to say profoundly obvious.)

And thus a conversation ensued about Mommy and Daddy's room being "so dark" because we don't have any night lights. Conversely, Rachel and Miriam's room is "not so dark" because they have three (yup, three) night lights. Thus it was decided (by Miriam) that Miriam return to Rachel/Miriam's room because it's "not so dark."

"So" is one of Miriam's favourite words. "Not so hot!" is one of her favourite phrases. She'll say it about both the weather and dinner. If someone says, "Boy, it's hot today!" Miriam will contradict them and say, "Not so hot. Warm."

Others of her favourite words are "too" and "now," which she appends to almost everything she says.

"Mimi wants more noodles now."

"Mimi potty now."

"Mimi outside now, too."

"Mimi tired too, now."

Virtually every sentence she says ends in one of those two words. A couple days ago she experiment with "everyday" but I think it was too long to enjoy saying so often.

"Mimi eat breakfast now...eseeday!"

She's so funny. And cute. Even when she wakes me up at 3:00 and 4:00 and 5:00 and 6:00 to tell me sharks are coming or that her mouth hurts. 

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  1. Man, your girls and teething... :) Peach is teething this month as well. I of course totally missed the fact that two year molars were coming. She kept walking around with her hand shoved deep in her mouth. Finally I was like come here, and there they were four little teeth poking through. Shesh why do these kids have to grow up so fast!