Sunday, September 11, 2011

Homecoming queen

Okay, so she wasn't the homecoming queen, but she may as well have been for how beautiful she looked! After a busy day of re-filming some scenes for a movie (that she originally filmed for a couple of months ago) Josie needed to find a place to do her hair. My beauty parlour is always open...if not a little I volunteered to do it for her. 

Luckily for her Andrew gave me a curling iron for my birthday this year. And to think that he was just lamenting the fact that I had yet to actually use said curling iron. I often fully intend to use it but, let's be honest, my favourite hairdos are the ones where you wash your hair and then let it dry. I'm not very gifted with a curling iron. Or any kind of iron for that matter—ask Andrew when the last time was that I ironed any of his dress shirts. 

Anyway, I curled Josie's hair and luckily it turned out really cute.

Maybe someday soon I'll get courageous enough to curl my own hair...

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  1. Thanks for doing her hair, taking these pictures, and posting them, too! You rock!