Thursday, September 29, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Miriam has been dressed up as Dorothy for most of the day—aside from going jogging with me in the morning, eating lunch, and taking her nap. This afternoon as soon as she was up from her nap she wanted to get back into the Dorothy costume, turn some "guzik" on, and dance in the living room. Guzik is music. I suppose the same rule she applies to monkey (gunky) also applies to music (guzik)—it's some funky assimilation thing she's got going on. Anyway, Somewhere Over the Rainbow came on and Miriam ran off to the kitchen, scrounged around in a drawer and came back to the living room with a little whisk.

She held that whisk up to her mouth like a microphone and started singing along. It was so sweet, but by the time I got the camera the song was nearly over. I only caught a few seconds of her singing.

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