Thursday, September 22, 2011


Poodle-cat, poodle-cat, where have you been?
I've been to see the veterinarian.

Poodle-cat, poodle-cat, what did they there?
They put me to sleep and then cut my hair!

Poodle-cat, poodle-cat, what did you then?
I thought I'd hide 'til it grew in again.

Poodle-cat, poodle-cat, did you succeed?
No, I did not; I have daily needs.

Poodle-cat, poodle-cat, what do you mean?
If I didn't need food I'd never be seen.

Poodle-cat, poodle-cat, I can't help but scoff.
Watch it or else I'll scratch your face off!

So, seriously—she hid for forty-eight hours, but her hair was so matted it had to be done. Ordinarily she has such gorgeous fur...that is clumpy and grey from dirt baths and sticky from sap. After losing her precious Lakhi and then being attacked by that dog she has been bumming around the house and never wants to go outside, so my mom broke down and got her fur trimmed to keep from being drowned in cat hair. It's kind of a ridiculous haircut, really, but it keeps Winter cool and clean so I suppose it was worth it.


  1. Hahahaha! Our neighbor shaved her black cat like this too and I laugh every time I see her skulking around.

  2. We did that a couple of times to our Sara. Byerly made fun of her. He really did but since she was so silly... it didn't matter after all. Shaving was a great thing. Cats can't stand having matted hair.