Saturday, September 03, 2011


Sometimes, like last night, I'm ready for the kids to be ready for bed long before they're ready for bed. Yesterday was so horrible that by 5:30 I was saying, "It's almost bedtime!" just to keep myself sane. Andrew helped the girls have a long, luxurious bubble bath after dinner and then it really was almost bedtime. Still, the girls weren't asleep until nearly 10:00. They had to come out for drinks, cold cloths, hugs, kisses, saying goodnight to Grandma and Grandpa, and sometimes for no reason...I'd just see their heads peeking around the corner. And they were both grumpy as all get out which didn't help matters.

This morning I took a shower and instead of singing in the shower I composed a parody.

About bedtime.

Of course.

7 PM the usual bedtime line-up:
Pick up the toys and put your pyjamas on.
Brush teeth and floss, go potty, and pull your pants up,
Wash your hands, and by then it's like 7:03.

And so we'll read a book
Or maybe two...or eight.
You say you're not tired yet but, oh,  I just can't wait!
I'll sing some songs and rock

You, oh, so patiently
Just wonderin' when will you go to sleep?

Right after that it's scriptures and prayer and...wrestling,
Tickling fights, a search for your favourite blankey.

Fluff some pillows, tuck in both you and your dolly.
Scratch your back, kiss your cheek, then sneak out

Then I peek in your room;
It's much too still in there.
Okay, now—what the heck?!—
You're in your underwear!

I put your jams back on
And then I kiss your hair

Just wonderin' when will you go to sleep?

You're still awake and I'm wonderin'
And wonderin' and wonderin'
When will you go to sleep?

And tomorrow night,
We'll persevere

Just like we've done for the past several years. 
What'll it be like
Once you're big and grown?
You're getting older...
Do I really
Want to know?

Lines that I thought of but couldn't squeeze in:

You want a drink
But not from the bath-(a)-room sink!

Also, something about being woken up at 3 AM. 

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  1. Sounds good. At first, it hit my head to the tune of Friday, but then it shifted to the real Tangled tune at the 2nd stanza.