Friday, January 25, 2013

Sharing is hard

So, this is kind of how my kids share:

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Miriam just can't let Benjamin do his thing with his toys. He has to do things her way. Even when they're not playing together.

I'm pretty sure she learned that from Rachel.

Anyway, here he is playing after I told Miriam to leave him alone (for crying out loud!). He's awesome at the shape sorter...when the lid's off.

Whoa! A pentagon! I'm the luckiest boy!

In other news, one of Rachel's chores today was to make her bed so she went into her bedroom to do that and I kept hearing banging sounds coming from her room.

"Rachel, you're supposed to be making your bed!" I called from the living room (where I was folding laundry).

"I am making my bed!" she answered.

After some more clunking and banging I decided I'd better check on what she was doing...just in case.

"Rachel—what are you doing?"

"I'm making my bed!" she answered.

Eventually I went in there to help her make her bed and then she finished tidying up her bedroom. When I went back in to tuck them in I noticed the wooden tool set was sitting on their dress-up box.

"Where'd this come from?" I asked. It belongs in a box in the living room and has been missing for a while now.

"Oh, it was in my bed," she said.

"The whole thing?!" I asked.

"Yeah—well, it was scattered around but I think I found all the pieces."

That explains the clinking and banging.

And also causes me to admit how often I make my children make their beds.


  1. I'm pretty impressed with his shape play. Cheetah spends all her time chewing on the shapes and then throwing them. Seems like Benjamin is ahead of her there :)

    1. Oh, no. That's pretty much what he does, too...only he just drops them instead of throwing them. He does take them out and put them in but they usually end up in his mouth along the way (unless Miriam prevents that from happening).