Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where the grickle grass grows

My friend Geri posted a little Valentine's Day craft she made and I thought we could make that! It's cute, elegant, colourful, festive, easy. Yes, we could totally do that!

So a couple of days ago after Rachel was home from school we sat down to make some pompoms together. And then we went out and collected some sticks and glued our pompoms on the ends of them (using white glue, which worked just as well as hot glue, I think). And then Rachel declared, "I know what we're making—we're making Truffula trees!"

And just like that my vision of a cute, elegant, colourful, festive, and easy craft lost the adjective 'elegant.' It was now just a cute, colourful, festive, and easy craft.

The girls turned it into a Dr. Seuss habitat—complete with Barbaloots, Humming Fish, Swomee Swans, and The Lorax, himself. (As well as some Harry Potter themed Truffula Trees (ra! ra! Gryffindor!))

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