Saturday, November 08, 2014

Falling Leaves

My friend/cousin Heidi just emailed me to catch up on life. She saw my story in The Friend and though she'd write to me (which is probably the best benefit of being published in The Friend—I've been contacted by more than one friend I haven't heard from in a while because of it). She asked about our leaves and whether I'd taken any pictures of the pretty colours.

I must admit that I'm mostly failing on that front this year. We really ought to get a hike under our belt but things have just felt so busy lately. Maybe we can do something on Tuesday since it's a holiday.

What falling leaves mean to us regardless of busyness, however, is yard work and yesterday afternoon we all worked together to clean up the yard (except for Rachel who was still at school). Miriam and Benjamin had a blast helping rake up piles so they could jump into them.

They also had a lot of fun compacting the leaves in the yard waste bin.

And doing more jumping...


...and raking.

When Rachel got home most of the work was finished, so she climbed the tree. She's turning into a regular little monkey. And you can see we still have quite a few leaves to lose from our trees. In fact, when I looked out at the yard this morning you could hardly tell we'd worked so hard yesterday afternoon. That's fall in North Carolina for ya!

And this picture doesn't have much to do with anything, but it's cute. It's Miriam and Benjamin cuddling on the couch (while Daddy was busy with the leaf blower).

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  1. Great pictures! I love your little compactors, and the monkey. :)

    Zach and I have been raking leaves, too. They are quite a fun chore sometimes.