Sunday, November 02, 2014

Finally Published

When we lived in Egypt I wrote a story and submitted it to The Friend Magazine.

It just came out in this month's issue, heavily edited (mostly "dumbing down" the vocabulary, I suppose) (which I might have cared about if I had any emotional attachment to the story left at all—but when they contacted me about it earlier this year (nearly five years after I wrote it) I just said, "I wrote a story? Oh, yeah. Uhhh, go ahead and make whatever changes you want.").

They kept the original song she learned through the door (not the wall) in place—I Know That My Savior Loves Me—which just happens to be the song we'll be learning next year in primary so I suspect they kept it on the back burner for so long in part because they knew they'd be revisiting this song. Maybe. They didn't exactly tell me why it took so long for them to publish it. I was rather surprised to be contacted after so much time had gone by.

I even forgot to look for it this month, but Andrew just sent me the link to it.

So now I'm practically famous. 

You can find the story here. Because I know you're dying to read it.


  1. I think you're the only one of my friends to have an official cartoon representation of themselves. Is Rachel excited about it??

    1. She'll find out about it tomorrow. And she'll probably be excited then! :)

  2. Now if Rachel's movie ever gets released (which will also be probably five years down the road) she will be doubly famous! My other thought was--the editors have never visited primary in Cairo or they would know that the DOOR opens into the nursery room! :o) They were probably thinking...the door? The nursery never opens into the primary room....but they would be wrong about that! I am glad they finally published you!