Friday, November 28, 2014

Who does Benjamin love?

Due to the Thanksgiving break Andrew's been home a lot more. Benjamin has really been enjoying this. Just this morning I woke up face-to-face with Benjamin, who said, "Hi, Mommy. Sunny day outside. Me love Daddy."

"Then wake Daddy up," I suggested.

"Okay!" Benjamin said, pouncing on Andrew.

It's pretty rare for Andrew to still be in the house when Benjamin wakes up and those two have been palling around all week. Benjamin wants Andrew first thing in the morning. He wants Daddy to get him breakfast. He wants Daddy to get him dressed, take him potty, and to pick him up when he's sad. When Daddy's trying to work, Benjamin will drag a stool over and sit beside him and just watch (and, you know, to bug him a bit).

I'm not complaining because it's been a really restful couple of days, but it has been quite a change from our normal routine (the one where I do everything for everyone, always). 

Benjamin still needs his nightly lullaby and when he wakes up in the middle of the night it's Mommy he wants to snuggle with, but all day, every day, it's been nothing but Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.
This strengthened relationship (and the end of the semester) comes at a convenient time since I'm supposed to avoid lifting anything heavy...including Benjamin. Seriously—the boy weighs just over 20 lbs. and has been carried around his entire life. But apparently that's the limit. This whole "risky" pregnancy thing is new to me (since I only had a "high risk pregnancy" with Benjamin for, like, a few hours before that pregnancy was over). I'm not sure I was quite expecting all the constraints that have been put upon me this time around since my last three pregnancies have all been business as usual, for the most part. 

The saddest thing, though, is that Benjamin has recently decided that there's only room in his heart to "love" one person at a time and right now that person is Daddy, which means that not only does Benjamin no longer tell me he loves me, he tells me frequently how much he does not love me (because he loves Daddy, obviously). 

The other day Benjamin said—to me, "Me ufs Daddy!"

"Do you love Mommy, too?" Andrew asked him.

"No!" Benjamin said. "Me ufs Daddy!"

"You can love two people. Did you know that?" Andrew told him.

"Me not ufs two peepoo," Benjamin insisted. "Me ufs one peepoo. Me ufs Daddy. One peepoo—Daddy."

Truthfully, I mostly find it funny (though hearing "Me not ufs you. Me ufs Daddy," is getting a little old) and it's kind of great to have Benjamin transitioning into being Daddy's Little Boy.

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