Monday, September 19, 2016

Bach Cantata Series

After church last week we ventured to the Duke Chapel for the first installment of their Bach Cantata Series. You know, because three hours of church (plus an hour of choir) wasn't enough time to expect our children to act reverently and behave themselves for. We had to add another hour onto that!

The acoustics in the chapel are amazing and eagerly amplify the sounds of music and screeching of babies alike. Thus Andrew and I spent a lot of time in the foyer with wiggly children. Rachel and Miriam sat through the entire concert, however, and seemed to enjoy themselves, so perhaps we'll do it again sometime. We were quite proud of them for sitting by themselves so nicely (while Andrew was battling Benjamin and I was chasing the Zo-bird around). 

Here's a picture of Zoë sitting on the steps leading into the chapel just as the concert was ending:

Benjamin was particularly happy to be in the great outdoors once again:

I thought this was funny:

It's a picture of everyone trying to get Zoë to smile for a picture.

This is the best group picture we got:

Hopefully we'll be able to attend a few more of these this school year.

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