Monday, September 12, 2016

How to win at carpool

Rachel joined the school chorus, which means we have to pick her up one day a week (instead of having her take the bus). There's another girl in our neighbourhood in the chorus so we're carpooling with her.

Week one: I picked Rachel up and M's mom picked her up (which is when we realized we should probably join forces).

Week two: My turn. Our van broke down. M's family did pick up.

Week three: M's mom had a parent/teacher conference so she said she'd do pick up again since she had to be at the school anyway.

Week four: No chorus due to Labour Day.

Week five: My turn. Chorus cancelled due to a family emergency (though I still picked the girls up from school because I'd scheduled a parent/teacher conference).

And that brings us to fall intercession. An entire quarter down and I managed not to contribute to the carpool at all! Easiest. Carpool. Ever.

(With any luck, we'll have more consistent practices between October and December).

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