Sunday, March 24, 2019

Labial Frenectomy III

Poor Alexander seems doomed to have no very good stories to tell...ever.

On Tuesday when my mom stopped by to pick Miriam up for organ (which we're so grateful for because I don't know how we would have been able to have Miriam take this organ class without my mom's help), Alexander tripped while walking and landed flat on his face, partially tearing his little labial frenulum.

"My! He's a fragile little guy!" my mom remarked.

I mean, first he breaks his arm while crawling and then he trips, face plants, tears his frenulum and bloodies his lip. Sheesh. It really doesn't take much for this kid!

Today he finished the job—giving himself a full frenectomy—and still without a very cool story to tell.

He hadn't attempted to climb onto the roof of a couch cushion fort, causing it to collapse and propelling him into the organ bench, thus severing his frenulum (like Rachel). Nor did he tumble down the stairs of the deck to do so (as Benjamin did).

No, nothing quite exciting or adventurous as that.

We were in the middle of a family movie night (Ralph Breaks the Internet) and Alexander brought a cup into the living room and began begging people to fill it up for him. It was probably the biggest cup he could find so instead of filling it up, Andrew got a little sippy cup for him and filled that up. When Andrew handed him the sippy cup, Alexander put the big cup on the floor (and no one hopped up to put it away).

A few minutes later, Alexander was toddling by when he tripped and fell and landed face first directly on the cup. Because naturally that's where he'd land on an otherwise uncluttered floor.

I picked him up to soothe him and he screamed into my shoulder. Finally I was able to pull him away from my shoulder so that I could look at his face and...

"Oh, there's blood!" I said. "Lots of blood! Someone get something for me!"

Rachel hopped up and raced around the room a couple of times before finally bringing me a tissue, which was fine...but not great, so I instructed her to bring me a cold cloth for him to suck on. Once we had the bleeding under control I checked inside his mouth to see where exactly the blood had been coming from and—yup: frenectomy #3 for us.

I'm starting to think this must be a fairly normal childhood injury.

How had I never heard of it happening for anyone before Rachel did it?!

And just because I have this weird thing about dates lining up —how cool is this?:

Tuesday, February 21 (2012)
Saturday, February 22 (2014)
Saturday, March 23 (2019)

Rachel's frenectomy was on the 21st, Benjamin's on the 22nd, and Alexander's on the 23rd (wrong month, but right day)!

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  1. Sorry that I am not there this Tuesday to drive M to organ. Will miss seeing all of you for my short Tuesday visit!