Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A dedicated cleaner

We are having some beautiful weather right now, which perhaps doesn't bode well for climate change over all, though Atlanta doesn't typically see a lot of snow, anyway. 

Some older neighbours were telling us today that this warm of weather was unusual and that they used to often have White Christmases here, but I think they're misremembering because the Atlanta-area really only sees snow once or twice a year, if at all. According to Wikipedia, it was only in 2010 that "Atlanta had its first White Christmas since 1882 and 1883!" 

So...I'd say that white Christmases are pretty unusual for the area! We counted last year's skiff as a White Christmas but that was just a dusting of snow.

Anyway, I do worry about climate change, but I don't mind having warmer winter weather (especially in the south where warmer winter weather isn't all that unusual). The kids were really hoping (and literally praying) for a White Christmas, but it wasn't to least not here...though other places got to have a White Christmas! The kids have been playing outside in shorts and t-shirts all this week. 

On Christmas Eve we sent them outside to play and they stayed out there for a little while before they began to show signs that they intended to come inside. They were too hot. They needed a drink. They needed a snack. They needed to change their shoes. There was nothing to do out there. They were bored. It's too muddy. It's too sunny. It's too windy. They're all out of energy...

Finally I told them that they could come inside but, if they did, they would have to do chores. After all, we had to get ready for Christmas!

Even that didn't deter them. They came inside and willingly started on chores. 

Pretty soon the doorbell rang. It was some neighbours dropping off treats. 

"And I want to know if Big Zoë can play!" said Little Zoey (because that's how the cul-de-sac children distinguish between the two—Zoë, a big girl of six years, and Zoey, who is merely Alexander's age). 

"I can't!" Zoë said, coming to the door. "I have to do chores!"

"Oh, she can too play," I said. "She's only doing chores because she came inside from being outside. What I really want is for the kids to be outside."

"But we have to get ready for Christmas!" Zoë objected. "We can't stop cleaning now! I will come outside after I finish my chores!"

The kids ended up doing a great job with their chores and then also spent quite a lot of time playing outside, which was a win-win situation for me.

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