Saturday, December 11, 2021

Owl-exander and Phoebe

Now that the semester is over I've turned my attention to our Christmas newsletter, which means I'm still not getting caught up on the blog. I have also been napping a lot more and am so thankful that so far Phoebe seems to be the kind of baby who prefers to sleep for like 17 hours a day rather than, like...8. 

I've had babies at both ends of the spectrum. The sleepy ones allow for a little more rest (though I find I still have to watch the clock to make sure she doesn't sleep too long, so it's not precisely worry-free). 

Anyway, here are a few pictures (from November 7) of our little cutie with Alexander, who was very excited about her owl-themed onesie (he pronounces his name like Owl-exander, which is fitting given his years-long obsession with owls). I think they're really cute together.

Also, Alexander might need a haircut. 

Andrew for sure thinks he needs a haircut. We're trying to wait until after family pictures for that (and by "we" I mean me; I am trying to wait until after family pictures for that). 

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  1. December 7. Phoebe was not in owl-wear on November 7. She was still wearing only her birthday suit.