Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Yard progress

This might be the first time I can say this without waxing hyperbolic, but tomorrow we're having tons of mulch delivered to our house. Two-point-eight tons, to be precise. 

Today Andrew, Benjamin, and Miriam spent the afternoon spreading a weed barrier on a couple levels of the front yard after the landscaping people laid down sod on the top and bottom level. It was gently raining all day, so the mud was incredibly slick and they all ended up looking like mud-people (as well as Zoë and Alexander, who weren't really helping but were just sliding around outside). It will be good to get some mulch in there so things aren't quite as muddy. 

And then we have to decide what kind of plants we want to put in. I've been looking at some "walkable" groundcovers (also here) since we know we don't want to have to mow all of these terraces. But there's time for that.

Andrew's a little worried about tomorrow's weather; he was hoping it would be nice out so that he and the older kids could really dig in and get the job done...but I'm not sure we'll be quite so lucky. We're currently under a tornado December! I can hear thunder rolling ever closer in the distance as the storm is closing in, and it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. We'll see what we can get done.

I, of course, will entertaining the wee ones. I feel good enough, I think, to pitch in...but it would be ridiculous to get that muddy and messy only to have to get cleaned up to change a diaper or feed the'm on kid duty for now. And that's fine. 

We'll get the yard looking nice somehow or other, I'm sure.

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