Thursday, December 30, 2021

Phoebe Snoozy/Phoebe Spritely

Phoebe continues to be a very sleepy baby, for which I'm ultimately grateful even if it does make me nervous sometimes. She still manages to make me feel completely worn out and wakes up every few hours to eat, but at least I know that nap time usually isn't far off.

Today I was fretting about whether she'd ever manage to meet her milestones because she was in such a snoozy mood all day long. All I saw her do today (and probably for the past couple of days) is fuss & feed, fuss & feed. I could not get her to engage in alert time at all. I might think she was up for a while but then I'd do something crazy like put her on her stomach for tummy time and...

...she'd fall fast asleep.

Here are a few pictures of Zoë wishing Phoebe was in a playful mood:

She slept all day, except to fuss...and then feed. But then she'd be right back asleep again. 

I suppose there was quite a bit of spit up in there, too. 

Anyway, I was worrying about this to Andrew and he assured me that Phoebe had been up doing happy kicking time and tummy time, making baby noises and trying out her smiles this morning when he had been up with Phoebe and Alexander (and I had been sleeping in because I always take the fussy nighttime shift...which doesn't count as alert time; it just counts as fussy time). So that was reassuring, but then—lucky me!—Phoebe did some happy kicking/tummy time with me this evening after all the kids had gone to bed.

She's wearing her shirt from the hospital that I meant to get a picture of and until now have...not. She did a big, gross, deep yellow colostrum spit up right down the front of it before I took out the camera so it was set aside until we could get home to launder it. And now she's 6.5 weeks old. (We washed the shirt a while ago; I simply haven't taken her picture with it until now.)

She can open her eyes and engage with people!

Here she is working on her limb coordination:

I only have a few more Christmas things to put away—the tree and the bins of books you can see surrounding Phoebe—so I'm feeling pretty on top of things:

And here is proof that she will learn to hold up her head—look at her go!

Here she is resting from all the head-lifting she'd been doing:

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  1. Hurray! She is so cute when she's awake! (She's cute while sleeping, too, but it is nice to see those beautiful eyes and that cute smile!)