Thursday, December 23, 2021

Christmas Piano Recital

We started working on Christmas music months ago but then the children's piano teacher (me) went and had a baby and she (me) has been on maternity leave, so they haven't had formal lessons the last five weeks and practicing has been only so-so. But they still wanted (with a little prodding from me) to do a little recital. We went super low-key this year, with some of the kids already in pyjamas, but it's what we could muster this year:

Alexander insisted on taking part, so we let him sing a song at the end (but which shows up first in the video). He started out singing Silent Night and then switched to Little Star but then couldn't remember the words. I was nodding vigorously at him when he was trying to sing "news" but he still wasn't quite sure that was right. And he was right that it wasn't quite right because it should be "joyous news." But that's okay. He was spot on for his little four-year-old self.

Zoë had also prepared Deck the Halls and wanted to play that, but since that was the only song Benjamin felt he really had ready to perform we decided to let him have the spotlight there. They both did wonderfully with their pieces. 

And Miriam played a fun organ piece (that she also played during sacrament meeting on Sunday); it's an arrangement of Angels We Have Heard On High by Richard Elliot. It sounded much more exciting on the church organ than it does on our organ at home, but she plays it beautifully wherever she plays it.

Rachel didn't quite get her assigned pieces prepared so she opted out of this year's recital, unfortunately.

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