Thursday, December 30, 2021

A winter storm

The storm is raging all around us now.

The sky—strobing pink and purple—
Is turning on and off again—
Dark and light, dark and light
—is thrumming on a timpani, rattling cymbals.
Thick, juicy rain offers a long
And drizzly standing ovation,
Calls for an encore. Encore!

Noticing that a storm was in the forecast, Zoë and Alexander made a list so they could be ready for the storm. I just dug it out of the recycling bin, so pardon all the creases.

Zoë is a phenomenal speller (considering she's six and we don't follow a very strict spelling curriculum at all; though Benjamin (who struggles with spelling a bit) does have exercise books that he works on) but I will transcribe it for you anyway:

  • water bottles ✓
  • thunder fort ✓
  • lanterns ⃞
  • phones ✓
  • flashlights ⃞
  • iPads ✓
  • food (McDonald's) ⃞
Those two (Zoë and Alexander) had, indeed, constructed a thunder fort in the living room and were busy stockpiling supplies. They had their water bottles, electronic devices (which double for flashlights in the event that mom says she's not going to get the flashlights down right now), and their favourite bedtime supplies (blankets and stuffed animals, which didn't make the list somehow). 

Andrew and I had a good laugh over their food—McDonald's. 

This one time when the power went out Andrew picked up McDonald's for dinner and it's become somewhat of a tradition at our house (since our stove is electric). We have plenty of food that we could hypothetically prepare without electricity (though it would involve setting up the camp stove or using the barbecue or something) but the kids are always crossing their fingers that the power will go out so we can have McDonald's for dinner. Silly kids!

And now they're sleeping through this rip-roarin' winter storm! They're missing the whole thing!

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