Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Evidence I'm aging

I really need to do a post about Thursday, but instead I'm going to do a post about Sunday really quick before I go entertain my littles while their big siblings are all at various church activities.

Rachel and Miriam were telling us about their Sunday School lesson on Sunday evening and were trying to communicate to us which teacher was teaching that week. They have three teachers and they don't know the names of any of them so they were trying to describe them to us (and were doing so in a rather undiplomatic way).

"It was one of the old teachers," Rachel said.

"The one with white hair," Miriam added.

"Yeah. The other old teacher was having a bad day or something. She just sat in the corner glowering at us," Rachel said.

"As old ladies are known to do," Miriam added.

"Nuh-uh!" Alexander interjected, getting ready to contradict. "Mom doesn't do that!"

And I just love that the conclusion that he jumped to after Miriam's remark was "not all old ladies do that because my mom doesn't do that" and not "perhaps my mom is not an old lady." 

In his eyes I am definitely an old lady.

No question about that!

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