Thursday, February 17, 2022

Phoebe's first bath

Our lessons were interrupted by a Phoebe blow-out of epic proportions. Zoë and Alexander have been begging to take a bath with Phoebe, so I figured today would be a good day for it. I drew a bath and one wanted to get in with her, which would have been fine except I've been using older children as "bath chairs" for so long that I'm not sure how to bathe a baby on its own. After showing them that I'd already cleaned Phoebe off they were once again really excited about bathing with her.

And thus, at the ripe old age of 3 months and 4 days old, Phoebe had her very first official bath (before this she'd only had showers or sponge baths).

I wouldn't say she loved it, but she certainly didn't hate it, either.

Here's my three little kids in a tub, with Phoebe already working on getting dirty again:

Here's Phoebe getting her hair washed:

She reminded me a teensy bit of this wonderful picture of Rachel (one of my favourites) when Rachel was about the same age. On the whole, Phoebe is a lot more stoic and has a lot less hair than Rachel...

Rachel (November 6, 2007)

Here's Phoebe getting toweled off after her bath:

And here's Phoebe in the outfit Rachel picked out for her, reminding her that it's okay to smile a little bit (her shirt says "talk less, smile more"):

And here she is humouring me with a little smile (thanks, Phoebe!):


  1. She does look like Rachel somewhat, I think! Hair makes a big difference, though, in my perception of who likes like who!

  2. Also, Phoebe in the tub is my favorite picture of her. So adorable. I like to look at it every day.