Friday, February 18, 2022

Phoebe and Zoë

Last Sunday (February 6), Zoë picked out an outfit for Phoebe, including a little pair of booties that I made years ago (either when Miriam was a baby or when Zoë was a baby). It probably won't surprise you to learn that Zoë picked out a very similar outfit to wear (minus the handmade slippers).

Phoebe is a pretty patient baby (unless she's hungry...and then watch out because she will let you know), but sometimes she has a little bit of trouble tolerating all the attention she gets from her siblings (specifically the younger siblings). So although Zoë was really excited about taking pictures with Phoebe in their matching outfits, Phoebe was a little less excited about things.

She preferred having quite a bit of personal space.

She's not very good at sitting up yet (though she is rather fond of doing sit-ups; I just hold her hands and she will pull herself right up), but I snapped a few quick shots before she fell over.

She was a little more relaxed and talkative on the floor...

And, for the record, I did redo Zoë's braids after we took these pictures. In retrospect it may have been better to have done her braids before we took the pictures, but her messy hair gives a very truthful look into how things have been in our house lately (and she's just as beautiful with messy hair as she is with tidy hair).

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  1. My baby Nancy also was a sit-up kind of girl. I would just hold her hands and she will pull herself right up! (Like mother, like daughter!)