Saturday, February 05, 2022

Phoebe in the LBD (little blue dress)

Since we so rarely go anywhere that requires getting all fancy these days (thanks, a lot, pandemic), Phoebe has very rarely gotten dressed up, herself. I did put her in my little blue dress at the end of December when we went to the church to renew our temple recommends, but I think I was too exhausted to take a picture of her. I figured that needing to take a picture of Phoebe in my little blue dress was as valid a reason for dressing her up as any, so this morning I put her in my little blue dress and took her picture. 

She was adorable as ever and, thankfully, was rather cheerful and cooperative. Considering she spent most of Thursday and Friday screaming her head off every moment she was awake, it was lovely to get to see Phoebe's friendly, smiley side come out this morning.

Here are far too many pictures of my sweet girl:

And here she is wondering whether this dress might taste good and then desperately trying to eat it:

I'm so glad I remembered to put her in this dress before she got too big to wear it! It would have been a real shame to not put her in it when everyone else got to wear it. 

Here's a little collage of everybody wearing this sweet little dress (I think we should all be proud of how far my photography skills have come over the years):

Rachel is holding baby Miriam (5 days old) in the top left picture, then Rachel herself (3 weeks old) is below that, followed by Zoë (2 weeks old) at the very bottom. Then there's me (2.5 months old) at the top right, and Phoebe, who we'll also say is 2.5 months old (though she's more like 2.75 months old), on the bottom.

Benjamin was amazed that a dress "that" old could still be in such great condition, so I explained to him that although the dress is (a) admittedly old, and (b) has been passed down through several children, it's (a) not really the kind of outfit you put your baby in and keep them in all day,* and (b) babies grow so fast at this age that there's a very small window of opportunity to wear the dress before you pack it away for the next baby. So, like my blessing gown, this little blue dress is in impeccable shape given its claim to antiquity.

* Is any outfit the kind of outfit you put your baby in and keep them in it all day? Like, is that even a thing? Asking for a mother whose children have all had terrible reflux...


  1. All those babies are very cute, but top right hand baby is by far the cutest! Look at that adorable smile!

    1. Also, when you would wear this dress, I would sing "In my sweet little Alice Blue Gown" to you. You probably don't remember that...