Monday, March 16, 2009

Me help me!

Independence always has its costs. Sometimes Rachel's independence seems to cost more on my end than it does on hers. She just loves to think she can do everything by herself.

The other day she went potty on her little potty...and emptied it into the big potty before I could make it in there to stop her. Luckily she didn't spill a drop. It isn't that I don't appreciate her helpful attitude. I merely happen to think that she isn't big enough to do some of the things she thinks she's big enough to do.

This morning she got a box of cereal from the table. I didn't even notice what she was doing until I heard the unambiguous sound of small, crunchy somethings spilling all over the floor.

I found her, box in hand, standing over a big mess. She wasn't intending on making a mess and had brought a bowl to catch the cereal. It, however, was completely buried under an anthill of cereal. We literally had to dig it out.

"Oh, Rachel..." I sighed.

"Yay!" she squealed, "Me hep me!"

"You did, didn't you? Now can you help you pick up all the cereal you spilled?"

"Yay!" she squealed again, "Me hep me!"

She was such a good helper to herself and picked up every last piece of cereal, all by herself. She was eating floor-cereal for snacks all day, too. Is it bad that I'm tired just thinking about tomorrow?


  1. lol. What about the next 18 years? I'd think they'd make you more tired than tomorrow. hehe.

  2. Wow, at least she does help herself clean up (I just tried to spell that kleen, lol) that's more than I can ask for. I'm lucky if Russel doesn't pick it up posing as a helper and then wildly throw it, ending up in some crevice to attract more mice.

  3. Grandma has (or had) a picture of Uncle Chuck and I dumping a box of cereal into a big bowl. Only the opening of the bowl wasn't big enough for our little eyes which wasn't the problem. The box of cereal and the bowl were in the top cupboard or on top of the fridge. Which in it's self wasn't a bad thing, but I think I was two and Chuck was three. Which meant we had to climb onto the counter top and open the cupboard (which I have never seen a counter top extend out far enough to stand on and swing open). Get the stuff down and pour the cereal over the floor without Grandma knowing until she discovered and took the picture. She also had a movie of Aunt Tami sitting on the counter top eating out of the sugar container by the handfuls. So little Rachel is just taking after my side of the family. Better keep an eye on her, there are other stories that I haven't mentioned yet. Love ya.

  4. It's tough when our children reach the point of where they want their independance. The most funniest thing for me is when the twins (mainly Sabrina) have their cup of whatever and they bend over to get something with the cup....spills everytime. The thing they do that I really wish they wouldn't is give each other haircuts.....

  5. I get very tired thinking of the following day too. I think of the adage "Don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself." Hahaha. As a mother, that is about the most silly thing I could follow.

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  8. D'oh! (Sorry about the many comments and removed comments. I wanted to say everything in one comment. Sheesh. I've overusing the word "comment," eh?)

    What I wanted to say was that I believe your being tired even thinking about tomorrow is a "maumwidthtawdler" malady. ;)

  9. Karen did the same thing a couple months ago with a box of Kix. Problem with Kix is that they don't stay in a pile when dumped on a hard surface; they tend to roll all over really fast. Karen did help clean up too, but still... Don't make me think about tomorrow; I might just have a nervous breakdown! ;)

  10. I'm glad you let her eat off the floor. I think we eat off the floor more than we eat at the table/off a plate/etc.