Sunday, March 22, 2009

Turn right to go left!

Rachel spent Tuesday evening at the Lewis household so that I could go to my belly dancing class and Andrew stay on campus for his evening class. We met up there to pick up Rachel and stayed to chat for a little while. Sam was still up, kind of playing with Rachel.

They are both interesting to talk to because they are both completely obsessed with different movies. Sam loves the movie Cars. Rachel loves The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Both of them quote their favorite movies for half of their communication. For the longest time, Sam refused to say any color words. Everything red was Lightning McQueen, everything yellow was Luigi, everything green was Chick Hicks, etc.

So, while Rachel is dragging her chair up to the television screen so that she can hug it and stroke each character as they walk across the screen, it's almost guaranteed that Sam is singing along to the opening music of Cars. And while Rachel is dragging around her Pooh bears (one of which used to belong to Sam), Sam is most likely carrying his Lightning McQueen car around. It makes it very easy to leverage anything with either of them.

Rachel was a little sad about being at the Lewis' without Mommy at first, so Sara said, "Tut, tut! It looks like rain!" and Rachel broke out into huge grins. Every time she got sad after that, either Sara or Sam would say, "Tut, tut!" and everything would be fine again.

When I got there, Rachel and Sam were still competing for Sara's attention. They were each running for books and bringing them to Sara to see who would be the one to get to sit on her lap. During one of their running around sessions, Sam crashed into Rachel and knocked her over.

"Oh, no, Rachel!" Sam lamented, "Turn right to go left!"

The grownups didn't think that was a very good apology, so everyone started prompting Sam to apologize properly.

"So sorry, Rachel," Sam said. It comes out like, "So saucy, Rachel," which is kind of funny.

Then they gave each other a hug, kind of. Rachel was too busy screaming and holding onto me to reciprocate Sam's hug very well. She did manage to get one arm around him and pat his back a few times, which was a cute and well-meaning gesture, even though she screamed the whole time.

I thought it was hilarious that his advice on the whole situation was that, had she turned right to go left she wouldn't have biffed it in the first place. Too much television for those two, maybe...


  1. Maybe... :) But it's so much easier than not!

  2. Totally awesome! I love it when the little kids start quoting movies. Karen, during her Cinderella phase, would be constantly trying to clean. It was really great, but sadly we have left that phase... Maybe you should try it with Rachel and she'll clean your apartment for you?

  3. In San Francisco, driving south from the Golden Gate Bridge, you can't make left turns. After a few blocks you realize that you'll have to make three right turns to go left.