Sunday, May 13, 2012

Church and an Actual Day of Rest (April 29)

Since we arrived in Ghana we’ve had crazy fully scheduled days full of appointments, touristy things, and hours of driving in a bus. Today was a nice counterpoint to the busyness of this trip—we finally got an actual day of rest… on a Sunday even. Bonus!

Last year when we went to church in Accra the wards that met in the stake center combined to watch back-to-back sessions of General Conference. It was miserable and hot and long and I ended up sleeping through most of it. So spiritually fulfilling :)

Fortunately this year the Cantonments Ward actually had real church, which was quite enjoyable. The ward is overwhelmingly Ghanaian, with only a few white families—a few missionary couples, the temple president and his wife, two families that work with the Church’s IT department, and a Dutch banker. Two newly baptized members were confirmed during sacrament meeting, two of many hundreds that are baptized in Accra each year. The Church’s growth in West Africa is astounding.

After church we came back to the Alma House and had nothing scheduled for the rest of the day. I considered taking a nap or doing something productive, but I ended up passively watching a few English Premier League soccer games while voraciously reading the second book in the Hunger Games series, which I’ve totally fallen in love with. I also did some laundry, taking advantage of the Alma House’s fancy washer and dryer. We ended this totally relaxing, awesome sabbath with a fantastic group fireside by Aaron.

Wow. Boring blog post here. Woot. :)

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