Friday, May 11, 2012

Perfect timing

Before Andrew left Ghana he sent me a quick email saying that there was a chance he'd be able to skip the JFK leg of his flight and fly straight from Atlanta to SLC, which meant he would land at 10:30 AM instead of 2:00 PM (which sounded like a good deal to me). He said he'd either call or email once he knew, which likely wouldn't be until he landed in 6:00 the following morning.

I didn't realize until a while later that 6 AM in Georgia is only 4 AM in Utah. And then I wasn't too keen about his idea of calling home.

But at 4:30 AM, when Andrew was still stuck in customs, Miriam woke up feeling sad—so sad that she was crying uncontrollably. She must have had one of those weird dreams that just makes you feel...sad...but she couldn't remember what she had dreamt about so we just cuddled in bed for a while. Since I was up, I sent Andrew a text saying that he could call without worrying about waking me up. He never called (though he did call his dad who was not expecting a call that early and was a little disoriented).

About an hour later I turned on my computer to check on his flights. His plane had landed and his next flight was boarding. So I assumed he was on it and sent him a text message saying that I'd see him at 2:00.

He was still stuck in customs, however, and ended up missing that flight, which meant that he was able to get onto the Atlanta–SLC flight. He and his travelling companions had tried to change to this flight when they first checked in at the airport but the airline said it would be a $200+ charge per passenger to change tickets. However, when they landed, Andrew's professor's iPhone alerted them that they wouldn't have time to make their connection to JFK (apparently there's an app for that) and asked if they'd like the SLC flight instead. With one click of a button they were rebooked onto the SLC flight...for free...because they'd missed the JFK flight.

About ten minutes after I'd gotten back into bed, Andrew texted to tell me he'd be landing at 10:28 AM.

I texted back and said, "Sweet!"

He didn't get my earlier texts because his phone was turned off so he was pretty shocked that I was awake.

Anyway, Andrew got on his plane. I went back to sleep and then woke up to get ready earlier than I'd expected to. I showered, got dressed, woke up the girls, got them moving, turned on my computer, checked on Andrew's flight and...saw that it was coming in at 9:42 AM instead of 10:28!

9:00 was already fast approaching but we weren't even planning on leaving the house until 9:30 so we were no where close to ready. I asked Rachel to get dressed as fast as she could and run downstairs to tell Grandma that Daddy's plane was landing at 9:42!

For once in her life she listened and instead of moving like a snail she got dressed as quick as a cheetah. She tore off her pyjamas, threw on a play dress, and ran downstairs.

"Grandma! Mom says Dad's coming at 9:42!"

I quickly dressed Miriam and then grabbed some crackers and apples to eat for "breakfast" in the car. Grandma finished getting ready quick as a flash. We bustled out to the van and took off.

Our freeway entrance is under construction so we had to take a detour to get onto the freeway. We didn't even get on the freeway until 9:24. Grandma said that when she checked online it said his plane was coming in at around 9:50, which gave us a few extra minutes to get there, but still—there was no way we were going to make it to the airport in a half hour!

The girls spent their time snacking on breakfast and spotting airplanes out the window, wondering if their daddy was on each one. When we were about 10 minutes away from the airport, Rachel said, "Are we there yet? Because I have been eating for a long time!"

I told her that we were almost there—and to look how big the airplanes were...because we were getting closer to the airport so the airplanes were dropping really low in order to land. We saw one come in and it was close enough that we could see the decals on it—it was a Delta flight and we wondered again if that would be our Daddy's plane.

It landed somewhat alongside of us and just as we were pulling into the parking garage I got a text from Andrew.

"Just landed!" it said.

"No way!" I texted back. "We can see your plane out of our window right now. We watched you land. We're parking now."

It was kind of crazy—perfect timing!

We parked and ran in and found him waiting by the luggage carousel—we knew exactly what he'd be wearing because one of his friends posted a "goodbye" picture of everyone in front of the Alma House before they got on the bus to drive to the airport. He was easy to spot.

The girls and I held up our signs and they ran into his arms, giggling all the way. I...waddled over. This baby is sitting so low he's been causing me a little bit of grief lately. Walking hasn't exactly been my thing the past couple of days. I took the girls to the park on Wednesday and while we were walking my back started aching and my legs went numb and I thought I was going to either start crying or fall over and was seriously debating calling off our outing and going home. But then the baby moved and I immediately felt better. I told him not to sit there ever again because if he settles in that position I don't know what I'll do. Good thing Daddy's home!

We've had fun with Daddy so far.

On the ride home when he was still kind of awake he consented to a popcorn party with Star Wars II that evening, which he came to regret when he crashed yesterday afternoon. We forced him awake and still had the popcorn/Star Wars party though because the girls have been talking about this party for three weeks now and they weren't about to wait another day.

After a good night's sleep he's feeling much better today. He went and got hired for one of his BYU jobs today and later we'll be running some errands and making our summer plans (mostly boring stuff like baby birthing and moving—things we've been somewhat ignoring while we waited for school to finish and for this Ghana trip to be over). 

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