Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

We're on the final countdown over here! We had our last Skype conversation with Andrew this afternoon. We put the garbage at the curb for the final time (because when Andrew comes home that's going to be his job again). And I just put the kids to bed for the second to last time, which means that I only have to do it one more time before Andrew will be here to help!

I'm just a tad bit excited for him to come home—two more sleeps, two more sleeps, two more sleeps!

Yesterday was awful (with biting and scratching and fighting) but today was pretty good. My parents invited us out to see a movie so I had that to hold over my children's heads all day: be good, come to the movie or don't be good and don't come to the movie—it's your choice. They were good and any time they were on the verge of behaving poorly it only took one warning before they fixed their behavior.

For example, when I asked Rachel to put away the clean dishes she whined, "Why can't I do it after the movie?"

"Because you either do it before the movie or you don't go to the movie. That's why."

And the next thing I knew she was putting away the dishes with a smile on her face.

Perhaps I should use bribery more often.

Auntie Josie is in a film class and needed to go to the theater to watch a movie as part of an assignment—she couldn't watch the movie at home because she has to talk about the ambiance of the theater itself in the paper she has to write. We went to see Mirror, Mirror, which was really enjoyable. Rachel and Miriam were both really into it—laughing and dancing (because we had room to dance because there were only three families in the theater). Miriam actually put her booster seat on the floor and sat with her head poking between the armrests in front of us for half the movie...which was kind of strange, but she seemed to like her seat.

Rachel's favourite part was when one of the dwarves threw tomatoes at the black magic puppets, and having the tomatoes stick to make eyes on the head of one of the puppets.

Miriam's favourite part was the song at the end—"I believe in love." It had a really Bollywood feel to it, perhaps because the director, Tarsem Singh, was born and raised in India...? We're Bollywood fans, though (my mom, sister and I) so we loved it. As did Miriam. Lily Collin's did her own singing for the song, too (according to numerous sources, including Wikipedia and this interesting article in The Huffington Post about chasing down those who would be due royalties for using the song). My mom was, of course, wondering about this since her whole dissertation deals with dubbing artists in both Bollywood and Hollywood.

The song was lovely, though the choreography and Snow White's dress (which is also her wedding dress!?) left much to be desired. All through the movie the costumes are fantastic and then we get to the end—Snow White's wedding day, for crying out loud—and Snow White's dress is awful.

Overall, it was a good movie, though.

After the movie we had pizza at my parents' house and then they took the girls to the park while I went visiting teaching. It was nice and relaxing...for me. And bedtime wasn't all that bad, either.

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  1. Thanks for your detective work - the Huffington Post article was so interesting!