Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Benjamin, breakfast, bumps

When we told the kids that I'd be leaving for a week—without them—the girls cheered and said, "Now we can watch Star Wars as loud as we want!" Benjamin took things a little harder.

Breakfast a week ago

He loves me, you see? So I should take him with me. And if I don't want to take him all the way to Nannie's house, that would be fine. He'd be okay just going to Grandma's house to wait for me.

It's not a two-person ticket, he told me. "It's a three-person ticket—you, me, Baby Zo."

I spent all day Tuesday running around and mostly ignoring this poor baby boy. He packed a suitcase for himself multiple times. He was determined he'd come with me. I kept telling him that he was going to stay home with Daddy.

At 3:30, however, I mistakenly said, "Daddy's going to be here to pick us up soon. You'd better go potty and get your shoes on."

"I'm coming?!!!" he squealed with joy.

"Just to the airport," I said, crushing his spirits for the nth time that day. "And then you're going back home with Daddy."

He had a fine week without me; however, he was also the most excited to see me at the airport when I came home yesterday. He was also excited to see me at breakfast. Mommy was still home! Unbelievable!

Breakfast today
He sure does know how to make me feel loved.

Oh, and look at this bump!

That's not bedhead.

And it's a lot smaller than it was when I saw it last night, which was a lot smaller than it was when Andrew was dealing with it before picking me up. The poor baby couldn't even lie down on his back last night (he doesn't usually sleep on his back anyway but he likes me to tuck him in as if he does). 

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