Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Throwing up

Around 5:59 AM, Miriam wandered into our room and whispered, "I just threw up all over my bed!"

She has this nasty habit of keeping a pile of books on the foot of her bed (a habit I scorned just last night as I was tucking her in), so I groaned and said, "On the books?" picturing the worst.

"No. Just on my bed."

Andrew's feeling a little sensitive about his mornings lately (I wonder why...) so he actually beat me out of bed (also I was snuggled up against a sad, sick baby, so I had to untangle myself from her grasp) and immediately started stripping Miriam's bed, which meant I got stuck with the much more favourable task of settling our newest invalid on the couch (and gathering up the last batch of stuff used to clean up Zoë's throw-up).

It seems this stomach bug is going to slowly creep through our household. It's already been a week and a day since Benjamin first got sick. Usually these things spread like wildfire and we're all sick on top of each other.

I'm really not sure which way is better...

 At the rate things are going we could be sick in this house for a month or longer.

That's okay; throw-up laundry is my favourite activity, second only to mopping up puddles of throw up from various household surfaces. 


  1. I am sorry for all the sickness, and I am not going to tell you to enjoy this stage of life because it doesn't last forever. I won't tell you that today! But I am certainly enjoying it from here, because you have such a fun way of telling a story!

  2. Oh Nancy! I feel your pain in a small way. I tried Apple Cider Vinegar, and it changed the pH in my stomach and changed my symptoms on a dime. Like 2t or 1T, kids I would say go less. Best Apple Cider Vinegar is that with the "mother" in it. I like Braggs but has other brands that might work similarly. I haven't really given it to my kids yet, but I going to try. You could also soak feet in peroxide (food product kind). 1/4cup to a small foot soaking container or 1 cup to a regular tub(if bathing in it.) Peroxide it supposed to oxidize the body. We buy our peroxide at a health store. But here is a link to what it looks like: . We haven't used peroxide baths for the kids yet. Peroxide feels funny because of the oxygen bubbles. It shouldn't sting, yah- and you don't have to throw it away, doesn't expire, yah! But I will be ready for when it hits, and kick out into an oblivion. Ginger helps too. We put 2T of Ginger powder in the tub or less in the foot soak. It warms the body, so I never put children under 6 in it. Ginger in the food is fine though, I mix it as a seasoning again not too much... they will notice the taste.
    I felt like we had the flu running around between child 4 and 5 for a month at least. It go then come back. Thinking that it didn't help that child 4 sucked her fingers. yug. Then it stopped and we were well again. Thankfully.
    Anywhoo, you are Awww-mazing! I think(cross that out) KNOW you should write a book... when you are ready! We get a great laugh out of your posts, you sure know how to make life fun! any questions