Friday, November 27, 2015

Utah (November 19 & 20)

I went up to spend some time with Reid and Karen while I was out in Utah visiting. They hosted a little family dinner with Uncle Jacob and Aunt Shayla, Aunt Katharine and Kayl, Grandma Pat and Dave, and Nicki. It was so nice to see everyone!

Here's Zoë getting reacquainted with Uncle Jacob and Aunt Shayla:

And here she is with Grandpa and Kayl:

I didn't take many pictures because I was exhausted and, evidently, coming down with a nasty cold, as was Zoë. She was a little apprehensive about all the new people she had to meet while we were out there, but she loved playing with Kayl. She thinks children are hilarious, especially when they, as Kayl is, are afraid of babies. Grandpa chased Kayl all around the house with Zoë and both those sweet cousins were howling with laughter. Zoë loved playing with a kid who didn't want to touch her (her siblings are constantly tugging at her) and Kayl loved being chased. They were so cute together!

Here's Zoë snuggling with Grandma:

I spent the morning on Friday interviewing Uncle Tom, my grandma's younger brother. I still need to transcribe that interview...but that may take a while. It was fun to hear about Uncle Tom's growing up years. He's only a year younger than my grandma so they really grew up together.

When we were trying to tell Rosie who Shannon was, I said, "She's about your mom's age," and then my mom said, "No, she's Abra's age," and I said, "Mom, Kelli is about Abra's age!"

My sisters are Irish twins (361 days apart) so if one of them is about Shannon's age then it would follow that the other one is as well, right?

Uncle Tom was around for about as much of Grandma's childhood as she was, so he was a wealth of information.

That afternoon Grandma had a shift at the temple (she plays the organ for the chapel on Fridays) and Grandpa was working so Zoë and I went down for a lovely afternoon nap together (because what else would we do with a quiet house?) and then got up and got ready for my grandma's viewing, which I suppose I'll write about in a separate post.


  1. Today I learned that I am an Irish twin.

    1. "Learn something new every day!"

      Looks like you're set for today. :)