Saturday, December 03, 2016


On Friday afternoon we spent some time making Christmas crafts. I'd been looking online at craft ideas for the girls' classroom "winter celebrations"so had a few ideas floating around in my head. We settled on a little painted collage because Benjamin got really excited about the idea of painting.

After we finished painting all the parts for the collage and set them aside to dry he spent some time painting some ornaments for our "Light the World" tree.

Zoë also got to paint. It's possibly her first time painting (I'm pretty sure it is...). She seemed to have a lot of fun as well.

This face of hers kills me:

It's her "puh-leeze" face, her "I'm not impressed" face, her "Really, Mom?" face. And it's so great.

Here's Benjamin pausing to show off his handiwork:

And here's Zoë painting the same way she eats her food: holding the tool and using her fingers.

Here's Benjamin happily working away:

And, oh, here's Zoë's goofy face again:

And, finally, a smile (she reminds me quite a bit of my cousin's daughter, Bridget, here):

And, finally, here is Benjamin's finished collage:

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