Saturday, December 10, 2016

Zoë at 18 months

On the morning of her 18-month well-child check, Zoë woke up with a fever of 102°F. I decided to take her in anyway and though she was given an otherwise clean bill of health she did manage to get out of vaccinations (for now). With that high of a fever the doctor didn't want to add any symptoms to confuse a diagnosis, should the need arise (and didn't want to make Zoë more miserable than she already was). We'll take her back next month to get the shot she missed.

As it turns out, this was a gastrointestinal thing. Maybe...I dunno. It definitely involved a whole lot of diarrhea, so...

I can honestly say that yesterday the #1 thing I was thankful for was disposable diapers.

I'm a cloth-diaper fan, ordinarily, but there are some days I also appreciate having a stash of disposable diapers on hand. Yesterday was one of those days. I went through at least twelve diapers. It was like every time I turned around she was pooping. I can only imagine how she was feeling (especially since that wasn't the first day of was just the worst of it).

Today she seems to be better. She only had one messy diaper.

She's growing well, though, measuring in at 32.8 inches tall and 22 lbs. 14 ounces.

Getting her weight was rather tricky because she refused to sit/stand/lie on any sort of scale. I ended up holding her on the scale and then subtracting my weight from our combined total. She was going ballistic about everything (so it's probably a good thing we didn't try to give her any shots)!

I've been so bad at keeping track of her milestones. I think with the other kids I could definitively answer the doctor's questions about how many blocks they can stack or how many words they can say. But with Zoë I was like, "I'm pretty sure she can do all those things, yes."

She enjoys stacking things. A lot.

She says things. Like stuff.

"Would you say she can say twenty words?" the doctor asked.

"Maybe?" I said.

"That would be very advanced."

"Maybe not...?" I said.

What line of questioning is this?!

"Ten words then?"

"Oh, yeah, at least ten. For sure."

Mama. Dada. Asha. Mimi. MAAAAAB.

That's five right there—and that's just our family.

Then there's car, beep, cheese, cracker, banana, nurse, grandma, Jesus, love, I, eye, squirrel, shoe, no, yes, me, hi, bye...shot.

She's a Hamilton fan, along with the rest of us and will fill in the blank for "I am not throwing away my ______. I am not throwing away my ______. Hey, yo, I'm just like my country, I'm young scrappy and hungry, and I'm not throwing away my ______."

It comes out as "ash" but we think it's hilarious anyway.

She's said a few things once only as well, Hamilton being one of them. Meadow, hand, and fuddy-duddy are a few others. But I don't really count those words as part of her core vocabulary.

Another question was whether she ever puts words together to form short sentences. Mostly she's said things like, "Hi, Dada!" when Andrew comes home from work. Or she'll sign "more" and "please."

She still doesn't say much, though, but that's alright because she's progressing just fine.


  1. So, more than 20 words in her vocabulary. Good job, baby girl!

    1. I forgot a few as well! She can say "side" as in "other side" while nursing or "I want to go outside." She also says snack at least 100 times per day. And she'll say "amen" sometimes, too.