Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Zoë talks

Recently Zoë has become rather interested in saying prayers, which interestingly enough coincided with a rapid increase in vocabulary and complex sentence structure. Her language skills made a huge jump around the time Alexander was born (coincidence or necessity?). So now instead of ending her prayers with "Jss. MORE!" she ends them with "name Jesus Chist. The end."

I'm pretty sure she doesn't think "amen" is a legitimate word.

On Sunday she was being a bit of a pill during sacrament meeting and kept telling me, "Gook me—nope!" (translation: "Look at me—nope!") because if I didn't look at her I couldn't catch her being naughty, right?

She also kept telling Andrew, "Call me—nope!" meaning that he shouldn't say, "Zoë," in a disproving tone, obviously.

Today Benjamin and Zoë were playing LEGO in Benjamin's bedroom when I went in to tell them that I was going to take a nap with the baby. Often (probably even usually) the kids jump to use this as an opportunity to ask for screen time and often (probably even usually) I will consent to turn on a show for them because...sleep.

Zoë surprised me, however, by quickly saying, "Me 'atch show—nope!"

"You don't want to watch a show?" I asked (she likes when we validate what she says (and by "like" I mean that she insists that we validate what she says and will repeat herself until she's certain that we've caught her meaning)).

"Nope. Me 'atch show—nope. Me p'ay 'Enny—yup."

"You don't want to watch a show. You want to play with Benny."


"Sounds good."

And as far as I know they mostly played together nicely the whole time (of course, they're downstairs doing who knows what now but they were definitely playing with LEGO for most of my nap (even with earplugs in I could hear them crashing around in the bedroom)).

Anyway, that's been Zoë's go-to way to negate sentences for quite some time—just tacking a "no" or "nope" at the end of a positive sentence (or even just shaking her head no while saying the positive sentence). But I just caught her helping herself to some candy and was about to reprimand her when she preemptively said, "Don't call me, Momma."

As impressed as I was about such brilliant sentence structure I went ahead and called her on the carpet about the candy anyway. Because she's two and she's not the boss of me...right?

Postscript: Although Zoë gave a lovely prayer at dinner, when it came time to say family prayer she said, "Me say prayer—nope. Uh-uh. Nope."

And I should probably mention Benjamin's prayer this morning which was, in entirety, "we're thankful for the day and that I could be the last person to eat breakfast." The end. (We made him say another more sensible prayer because we're into censorship like that).

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