Thursday, September 10, 2020

Alexander swimming underwater

We, of course, went back to the pool today. It was a little bit cloudy and chilly, but not too bad once we were in the water. And because it was a little bit cloudy and chilly we had the pool all to ourselves (though the tennis courts were busy). Here's Alexander doing a little bit of (heart-stopping) swimming practice:

And here he is doing some more swimming practice, but back in his floatie because he was starting to get too darn confident under the water (the caption says "very scary" at one point but now that I'm listening to it again I think he's saying "little bit scary" so...just so you know):

And here he is saying, "Ta-dah!" one more time just because it's cute:

He did pretty good at remembering to breathe today, so that's an improvement from yesterday! 

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