Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Conrad Family Get-together

Following all the graduation hullabaloo, we had a family party (as we did for Michelle, Andy, and me a few years ago). On Saturday night, we all went over to Eli and Sadie's place--not a very long trek for Andrew and me--had some good food, visited quite a bit, and overall had an enjoyable time.

This was my first time seeing my cousin, Eric, since he left on his mission. I would like to publicly thank Eric for the use of his bedroom while he was gone. I think I used it twice, maybe three times. Now that he's there, I'll have to find somewhere else to sleep. Oh, man!

The grandkids had fun. I think that was the first time in a long time that we've had all the little boys (Trevon, Andrew and Matthew) all together, just to play. They had a blast on the trampoline. Josie (non-grandchild) and Rosie (grandchild) had a fun time chasing the twins around, until it got too late and the twins got too whiny... The twins (Olivia and Sabrina) had a fun time crawling/walking and trying to get on the trampoline. They also got way too many cookies from way too many different people, but they had a great time.

Okay, so that sums up the grandchildren. Strange--I'm not in the "grandchild" category anymore. I don't feel completely comfortable moving up into the "adult" category, so I think I can safely say that I am in the "child" category. That sounds a lot better than the "parent" or "adult" category.

The children were: Me & Andrew, Carlie, Kelli, Michael, Heather, Craig, Eric, David, Josie, Jessica, Sadie & Eli...and Helaman or Ammon stopped by with a group of friends (I can never keep those two straight, so I can't rightly tell you which one it was--and no, they aren't twins). There was also Egor, our friend from Ukraine. He worked with Craig in book repair and randomly met my Uncle Bruce in Ukraine and showed him around.

We all sat around and talked about how we're avoiding moving on with real life (notice how I kept us in the "child" category and wouldn't move us up to adult--some might protest, but really...I'm not sure we're ready for that yet.)

Now for the grown-ups: My mom, Auntie Colleen & Uncle LeRon, Uncle Bruce & Aunt Sara, Aunt Sara's mom, and Auntie Judy & Uncle Wally. Technically Kelli and Carlie are children, but they hung out with the grown-ups. Probably because they have children in the "grandchild" as old as Josie, who is in the "child" category.

We come from such a "mixed" family that we had to go around and introduce ourselves. Somehow we all started relating ourselves to Craig. For example, I am Craig's cousin. That is a pretty tame relation...some of them got pretty kooky when we started getting into step-this-and-that.

I was going to say, "Now that we've taken attendance, I'll tell you more about the party," but the party really was: introduce, eat, talk, play with kids, eat more...oh, and then I found out we had dessert. Cream puffs. Ahhh...can you tell I'm pregnant?

It wasn't a wild and crazy party, but it certainly was fun and relaxing.

(I didn't get pictures of everyone on here...sorry about that!)


  1. It was Ammon. Helaman is in Idaho. They don't look like each other at all!! Love Mom :o)

  2. "SIGHHHH"
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun :(

  3. That's the sad thing: I've never quite pinned down who was who. For some reason I just can't keep them and their names straight. If it had been John and Amman or Tyler and Heleman I think I might have been able to do it.

  4. That's OK... I can't keep all you guys straight half the time... then again, I'm only related to part of the family. :)