Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bump in the night

I will admit that I am a little jumpy when it comes to being home alone. I suppose it could even be said that I am more than a little jumpy when it comes to being home alone since I am quite jumpy even when my big, strong husband is home to protect me.

Andrew has been picking up extra shifts at work as much as possible so we can save up more money for the future. So, he was gone for quite a while this weekend.

Friday afternoon I was home alone doing laundry and otherwise being productive. We had forgotten to turn the A/C on, so our house was a nice 85 degrees. In an attempt to cool down the house, I opened all the windows and even opened the front door to try to get a cross-breeze going--something that is almost impossible to do when all the windows are on one side of the house.

Being the front door, our front door is located near the front of the house. Our laundry area is in the back of the house though, so in order to continue doing the laundry I had to leave the door unlocked, opened, and unattended for a few minutes. While I was in the back of the house, I heard the screen door slam. I ran to the front door only to find that one of our little neighbours had just come out of their house and their screen door slam. So, I was still safe, but just a little jumpier than before so I gave up on the cross-breeze idea and shut the door and locked it up tight.

I couldn't shake the idea that perhaps someone was lurking in our house just waiting for us to go to bed...

So, later that evening I was still jumpy and contemplating all of the non-hiding spots in our home. There really aren't any. Under our bed is completely covered in food storage, our closets are packed tight...there really just aren't that many good hiding places.

Andrew was home now though, so I knew I was going to be ok.

Sometime after 10 o'clock, we heard a big boom that, in my opinion sounded like something falling in one of the bedrooms. We checked around and, surprisingly, didn't find anyone hiding in any of the closets, nor did we find anything out of place.

We walked back into the living room and I noticed that a little cap-thing had fallen off one of the legs of our chairs.

"What's this?" I asked.

Wanting to put my mind at ease, Andrew said, "Maybe that's what that big noise was..." So, maybe he was teasing me instead of trying to put my mind at ease. Either way I knew he was wrong. The cap was small and the noise shook the simply was impossible.

The next morning, Andrew noticed something a little out of place while on his way to work.

Someone had hit a light pole just outside of our apartment complex. They hit it with enough force to shatter the glass at the top of the pole, tip the pole, ruin the fence, and leave their it does explain why we would have heard a big bang.

And after thinking back on that night we did hear some sirens, although we didn't think anything of it since we often hear sirens (we live right by State Street).

We just wonder what the people who live in those apartment buildings heard!

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