Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Pot-Bellied Penguin

Counting a pregnancy can be hard to do. Traditionally it was counted in months. Now it is counted in weeks, but every four weeks is counted as a month, so there are really 10 months since there are about 40 weeks in a pregnancy.

So, here we are, eight months down and two to go. That means that I'm in my 32nd week. That means that we have 2 months left until our due date. But if you're still in the 9-month gestation club, I'm really only 7 months, I guess. I don't know. It's all so confusing. Any way you look at it though, this baby is just around the corner and I am continually morphing to accommodate for her growth.

First I was just a pot-bellied pig.

Alas, I have added another animal trait: a waddle. So now I am a pot-bellied penguin.

"What's a pot-bellied penguin?" you might ask. It's pretty much my favorite animal, bred for its skills and magic!

That's right. My hips have begun to soften up and separate a bit in preparation for the big day, resulting in a bit of a waddle and a shocked husband.

The other day, Andrew came to me from behind and put his hands around my "waist." He slid them down to my hips and said, "Whoa! I think your hips are getting bigger!"

Apparently it's a pretty marked difference to him. Considering I had a pretty good "twenties" frame before (you know, no figure at all--no hips, no butt, nothing), I suppose I could consider it a blessing that I now have hips (I'm sure I will consider it a blessing that they've loosened up when I'm in labor). However, the waddle kind of puts a damper on the whole situation.


  1. Very cute Nancy! Andrew is lucky you are so laid back about these things. If Jason had said that to me I would have burst out in tears and then sucker punched him in the gut.

  2. You are adorable my dear. But Andrew looks like he's wincing at kissing your stomach/Rachel . . .

  3. Nancy, you look great! I agree with crissy bear, if Daniel had told me that.....

    well, anywho, you look great and happy, just as you should be!!!

  4. oh hey I forgot to tell you that your new site for DaisyWho looks awesome! It is really good, honestly! Teach me please...oh great ones....