Saturday, May 05, 2007

Identity Crisis, part II

I thought the weather was rather ironic yesterday. It was cold. It was stormy. It hailed. It rained. And in some places, it snowed. The weather was really quite...yucky. I had two friends get married yesterday.

One had planned to have her reception was quickly moved inside.

You would think that my wedding would have been the one to have the bad weather, considering I was married in December (who gets married in December?!?) but the weather at my wedding was actually very beautiful, indeed. It was rather warm, relatively sunny...I didn't even need a jacket, which was a good thing because that would have looked awful in the pictures.

I was invited to two more receptions today, although I will only be able to make it to one.

Yes, the semester is definitely over and summer break has begun. All the weddings are ample evidence of that.

As I walked into Shallee's reception with my mom and Josie, Sister Stanley greeted us.

"Hello, Nancy," she said to my mom.

"Hello, Josie," she said to my sister.

"And..." she paused when she got to me, "Hello."

I was rather pleased that she called my mother by my name and that by the time she got to me realized that I was not my mother, so didn't call me anything at all. You could tell she was rather confused and was really grasping for a name before she simply gave up.


  1. Did you know that many temples have those white capes for outside pictures during the winter? I haven't actually seen them, but the lady who told me said they are really pretty. Anyways... good thing you didn't need one!

  2. I didn't know that they had those at the temple for you to use! I borrowed my friend, Julia's cape, though. But I didn't have to wear it. :)

  3. :D hehe. I'm tickled by the identity crisis. The best I can do so far with that is people's shocked reaction to my age... "you're HOW old? NO! I thought you were maybe 24/25..."