Friday, May 04, 2007

Almost...but not quite

First, I almost met Elder Holland today...but not quite. He was being interviewed in the classroom of Special Collections. I walked by like 3 or 4 times while I was at work (on my way to use the restroom), but I didn't ever meet him.

My second "almost" today also happened at work. I almost burst out laughing at a girl when she walked in today...but not quite. She wasn't really doing anything humorous except that she was wearing one of those kimono shirts that are coming into style:

There is nothing wrong with these shirts. Don't get me wrong. They are even kind of cute, I suppose.

However, they most definitely are sold in the lingerie section of the shops in Jordan. It's true. My friend Arielle bought one while we were there...I remember how embarrassed I was that Arielle wanted to buy lingerie while I was with her. Totally not my thing to do.

Oddly enough, we weren't given a second look at the cash register. That was my first time out in Amman by myself (meaning without my husband).

Later I learned that we didn't really have anything to be ashamed of. Amman is completely awash with lingerie--and not like in America where it's kind of in the backs of the stores. No, in Amman it's all up front, more like Europe. In fact, they even have street vendors that just lay it out in the streets, and not all of it is as modest as the kimono thing.

One of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life was a group of fully veiled women in hijabs holding lingerie up to each other in the street. It was just a little...oxymoronic.

So anyway, every time I saw this girl, I had to hold in my giggles and suppress my memories of lingerie stores in Amman. It's not everyday you get to see someone walking around BYU campus wearing lingerie...of course it wasn't really lingerie, but still...


  1. That is really funny to see all the veiled women holding up potentially skimpy lingerie out in the streets. You know, those types of tops, kimono style or babydoll style, might be your best friends when you are getting really big. A lot of maternity shirts are that way and it is kind of neat that these styles are hot this summer-- so you can feel stylish and pregnant.....

  2. I did meet Elder Holland. 3 times. :) How's that for bragging rights. As for lingerie in the streets, I'm gleefully reminded of the first trip I ever took to Italy... I went with the Torries to see my family, and we were wandering through Venice, a lot of us, and walked past a shop that had a "20% off" sign in the window. My dad took one look at the picture that went with the sign, turned to Michael, and said, "It should say, "80% off" sale"
    :-D How naughty are we.