Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New upgrades

Some of you may have noticed some subtle changes we made recently to the blog. I've been bored with school over and everything, so I decided to play around a little with widgets using CSS and XML. Here's a list of some of the tweaks and upgrades I did for your reading pleasure:

1 - Label cloud - Each of our posts from now on will have labels attached at the bottom for easier searching. Those labels are indexed and put into the label cloud widget. The bigger the word is in the cloud, the more posts there are about it. By clicking on the word, you can see a list of all the posts about that topic. We're currently going back in time and putting labels on our old posts to make our blog more easily searchable.

2 - Recent comments - To promote lively commenting, the most recent comments are found in the left (oops...) right sidebar. This is really a more subtle way of calling for comments; more subtle than this.

3 - Better RSS feed - The built in RSS/Atom subscription feed wasn't that powerful, so I found a better one at Now you can easily subscribe to our feed in Google Reader, the newly rebranded iGoogle, or any other feed reader.

4 - Cool icon - Yep. We recreated the little "favicon" found in the right side of the address bar. Instead of the good ol' orange Blogger thing, we have a cool green H. It makes our bookmark toolbar look cool (although I doubt many of you have a link to our blog on your toolbar...)

So, with this nerdy post, enjoy our new and improved blog!

1 comment:

  1. If you really want to help us in our egogoogling quest, you can even promote our blog for us! :)
    Check out our cool/lame little widget I made at our old Jordan blog (1st link on the side.)
    I was really bored today at work...