Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm so glad when Grandma comes over

Grandma finally got here! We've been telling Rachel about it for a few weeks now and have been amazed with how much she understands and remembers. We told her that Grandma would be coming on a plane, so every time a plane flew overhead she got really excited. We would clarify which Grandma we were talking to on Skype so that she would know which one was coming.

I told her last night that she had to go to sleep nicely so that she could be a happy girl in the morning.

That didn't really work out because she woke up grumpy and we had a horrible morning, but I was able to use Grandma's arrival as a bribe all day long and by the end of the day she was pretty happy.

Rachel and I went to enrichment meeting at the Lindsay's while Andrew went to the airport to pick Grandma up. When we got home we barely had time to use the potty before the doorbell rang. She jumped up off the potty and ran over to the door, bare bum and all.

She was so excited to see Grandma. So excited that she started running away so that she could run back to Grandma with open arms! She jumped up into Grandma's arms and gave her the biggest, longest hug ever! It lasted at least the first 10 minutes after Grandma walked in the door.

And then there were hugs all around. Andrew got one, but I got three. One from Karen, one from my mom, and a great big hug from Josie.

It's so nice to have her here, safe and sound. We just sketched out the plans for our week and are looking forward to having a lot of fun together!

It was also nice to have all the goodies she brought for us from America (and from her layover in Austria--Swiss chocolate!). Grandma brought a cute little purse for Rachel and some new outfits. And we got some Kool Aid and instant oatmeal and cookie sheets and a lot of other wonderful things. It was like Christmas in October!

Thanks to both our families for everything! Our pantry is stocked up! Wahoo!


  1. thank you for making me cry! I really am very extremely happy for sister Heiss... but, you know.... :'( I miss you all

  2. Yay for Grandma coming! I'm glad she got there safely and you get to have lots of fun with her for a few days.

  3. YAY! For Grandmas... I can't wait until NOV!

  4. Nancy let me know what you need and want....I don't know.....

    Have fun with grandma!

  5. I am like Josie, this totally made me cry. I too am not jealous of Karen, because I am so glad she is there, just sad for me because I am not there! I want a hug, too!

  6. Sorry to make you guys cry! I miss you, too!

    I'm jealous that you'll be going up to see Abra in November... :'(

    And, Kelli, we'll probably be sending out another list in December or January (whenever David comes out), so we'll let you know then. In the meantime, PB is always nice :)

  7. I love that even half way around the world you are still filling your pantry out of your parents food storage :) You guys crack me up!