Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are sailors. We sail.

In spite of being dog-tired, we decided to go on a felucca ride late this afternoon. This involved having to wake Rachel up from her nap, getting her dressed (she and I both had to change out of our smelly throw-up clothes when we got home and she ended up napping in nothing but a diaper), and, since we'd decided to kill two birds with one stone and have dinner on the felucca, ordering pizza.

We ended up getting down to the docks a little late and the sun had already started to set, but it was a really relaxing ride anyway, and quite successful when compared to our last felucca excursion.

We got to go further downstream before turning back up and therefore got to see a lot more, like the mansions on the other side of the Nile, fishing/farming boats, and, of all things, a parade!

Apparently some of the 6th of October celebrations carry over to the 16th of October, since that is when the war really ended. There was a fair of sorts going on with hot air balloons, ultralight hang gliders, and a parade of 6 floats floating down the Nile. We had to wait for the parade to pass before we could dock, which was fine with me because I kind of wanted to watch. I'd never seen a parade on a river before, so it was kind of an odd sort of way.

hang gliders

It was a perfect way to end our very long and tiring day. I'm glad we didn't put it off!


  1. I really love the last picture of Rachel and Andrew. Glad to see that you guys are having fun.

  2. Nancy, just so you know the ultra-light hang gliders are more commonly referred to as para sails...

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  4. And, while we are correcting you, Nancy, you HAVE seen a parade on a river before. But that memory is probably buried pretty deeply. They have Christmas parades on the Fraser River in BC, and we did indeed take a drive along the river to see it happening one year, but it was when we lived in Burnaby, so you were either three or four years old at the time. We should have gone more frequently, and then you would be able to remember it.

  5. @ Mom--Oh, I don't remember that at all. That's cool.

    @ Patrick--Sorry I sounded snippy. It's just that every time you comment on my blog it's to tell me that I made a mistake. It would be nice sometimes just to hear from you... Plus, I do research a lot of things before I write about them so I really do know (at least a little bit) what I'm talking about. :)

  6. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your company, I miss you guys!