Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We're still having fun

Not to be undone by our horrendous day yesterday, we were determined to do something really fun today. We finally woke up just before 11:00—Rachel was a hyper and grumpy at the same time, about the complete opposite that she was yesterday.

She was amazing yesterday! She was quiet and calm in the car. She sat down in her own seat and didn’t fight against her seatbelt at all. She read books to herself, more specifically, she read her animals book to herself. Each page has a question that goes something like, “What does this animal say?” and then you lift the flap and it says what the animal says. She can’t read yet, but she was turning the page, putting her hands in her question position, lifting the flap, and then making the appropriate animal noise. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen in my whole life…until I saw her doodle herself to sleep. She was drawing on her MagnaDoodle and kept drifting off so I invited her to put her head in my lap. She snuggled down in my lap and kept drawing until she had completely fallen asleep. And she was like that the whole day. She didn’t whine about anything, napped when she was supposed to, and was quite the perfect child.

She didn’t even go in her diaper that often. We couldn’t have her in underwear because there’s really no where to stop for bathroom breaks and she doesn’t really like grown-up potties, but she only went pee once the entire day and it was at the monastery so I was able to change her. Other than that she held her business until late, late into the night when she finally pooped, while crying, in her diaper. It was just a little bitty accidental bit that she let out and she was quite upset about it, so we changed her right away and then she settled down for the night.

This morning she got up and did the biggest poopie in the whole world—because she had held yesterday’s in all day. That’s not all she was holding in yesterday. She was also holding in all her naughtiness, and boy did she let that out when she woke up. She ended up in timeout far more than any child should in just a couple of hours, in addition to wetting in her underwear three times. I was about ready to pull my hair out.

So Andrew called the Lewises and asked if they wouldn’t mind letting us into Maadi House so that we could go swimming. Rachel and I were still grumping at each other when we left the house; I’m pretty sure he feeling outnumbered and wishing for more testosterone in the family. We were making him miserable, but after we got in the pool we all cheered up some.

Not as good as snorkeling in the Red Sea, but still cool and refreshing. Besides, who doesn’t have a good time with the Lewises? Kevan and the girls stayed to go swimming with us; it was nice to have Emma, Megan, and Jessica to help entertain Rachel. We stayed for an hour or so after they left and it got too cold to stay in the pool. After we were dried off we let Rachel play on the playground for a while.

It actually ended up being a nice day, even for one that started out so horribly.


  1. :-D There are some disadvantages to potty training so early on then... ;)

  2. Well thank goodness that she held her naughtiness in on the day you most needed her to do that!