Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretty Hair

We had kind of a low-key day yesterday and didn't get dressed until it was time for me to leave for my belly dancing class. That meant that we'd already eaten dinner and it was already dark outside. We'd spent the entire day in our pyjamas. That's how low-key our day was. We were both just feeling a little groggy.

They're doing construction on our building, and on the building across the street and I seem to be waking up every 10 minutes all night long to hammers and saws and drills and yelling. It's driving me crazy.

Anyway, even though we didn't get dressed until after the sun went down, I decided to do Rachel's hair all fancy. My sister linked to a hair blog and I was looking at some of the hairdos on various blogs linked to this one and was feeling lazy because I only ever put Rachel's hair back to keep it out of her face. I rarely try to make it look nice or even spend time on it because she hates having it done.

But she actually sat still for me...actually, she sat still for Sylvester and Tweety...and I was able to get a braid in her hair. It lasted the whole time she played at Lora's. I was amazed it didn't fall out with how rambunctious she gets.

I'm not sure when Ill be able to do anything like this again. I'm not even convinced she has enough hair yet to really pull off a nice braid--she kind of looks half-bald with it braided, actually...but oh, well. I think she's cute all the time whether her hair is done or not.


  1. Pretty Nancy, I love that hair blog, I use it all the time for Piper.
    It's so nice when she comes home and tells me that the teachers tell her she has such pretty hair all the time!

  2. Wow! I'm very impressed with your hair-doing ability and Rachel's ability to sit still. I feel like I'm constantly chasing Emmy around just to get in pigtails! Bravo!