Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talking Back Already

Rachel was on one this evening.

My sweet little girl turned into a gremlin. She was growling and howling about everything that happened.

We kept reminding her that she needed to ask nice for things and not growl at mommy and daddy, but she kept forgetting.

At one point this evening I was in the kitchen/bathroom area of our house (cleaning up something, I'm sure) and I heard the following exchange:

Rachel (upset by something, probably, insignificant): Rrrrrawwrrrrr!

Andrew: Rachel! You know you're not supposed to growl at Daddy!

Rachel (obviously talking back): Rawr!

She got put to bed early.

I feel for her, I really do! She's still working on getting about 7 teeth right now. Her hand is constantly in her mouth so that she can chew on it, which just makes her even more upset. She comes to me throughout the day and holds her hands out to me, absolutely covered in slobber, as if asking me to wipe them dry for her. So I do. And I rub her gums. And I give her Orajel. And I give her lovely things to chew on.

But she's still just miserable. And miserable to be around. So she gets put to bed early.

Maybe, if she can keep from growling all the time, we can make some (invisible Kool-Aid) Popsicles tomorrow.


  1. Make them tonight, then she can chew on them and they'll be frozen tomorrow and maybe if she chews on enough of them her gums won't hurt so bad and maybe she won't be growly and talk back? lol. That was a hugely ungrammatical sentence.

  2. Ungrammatical, yes. But exactly the idea I was going for. Maybe we will make some up tonight...

  3. I remember the first time Deklan talked back to us. He was four months old, and he had woken up in the middle of the night (OKAY, at 5:30 am) I was so tired, Billy went in, changed him, fed him, put him back to bed. With a stern "It's not time to get up, You will go back to bed." (If I wasn't so tired, it would have been funny.) Billy came back to our bed and over the baby monitor, we heard a series of angry "MAAAA. Maaaaaaaa, mmmmmmmaaaaaaaammmmmm, MAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMM........MAM!"
    He sure gave Billy heck - that was funny, even as tired as I was!

  4. That age of talking back probably will last until they're out of the house. All three of mine are in that phase(the middle one and only boy being the worst) right now. It's hard some days. Okay, most days. Good luck with the growling, and teething and slobbering.

  5. The talking back goes on for years. Daniel is still enjoying it along with the nasty temper tantrums. If you want to try clove oil for her teething it might really help. It worked wonders on Daniel's gums where the orajel did nothing. (If you do clove oil, it needs to be diluted 5 drops olive oil to every 1 drop of clove oil)