Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That’s because you’re crazy.

When I was a child I tried to treat all my toys—old and new—equally. I can still recall many names of my dolls: Faline, Thomas, and Pixie, to name a few. I had a pair of pandas named Tia and Tony. I had a teddy bear named after my sister Kelli. And I named my tricycle Elisabeth in honour of one of my cousins.

Yup. I named just about everything.

I tried to give them equal time, love, care, and attention, too. Admittedly I had my favorites, my constant companions of Blankey and Kelli, but I had a rotation schedule for the rest of them. New toys were simply added into the rotation. Old toys were rarely, if ever, kicked off. Playtime, bedtime, anytime. I’m an equal-opportunity coddler.

My bed was a stuffed animal farm.

So you can understand my shock at what happened when Rachel opened up the new doll she got from Grandpa Frank and Grandma Sharon. She completely forgot about Baby Nora!

Grandpa Frank and Grandma Sharon were the ones who gave Rachel Baby Nora on her first birthday and those two have been inseparable ever since. At least until the new baby doll arrived.

Now Rachel wants to take New Baby Doll with her everywhere. Instead of asking for Baby Nora before bed she asks for New Baby Doll. Poor Baby Nora has been booted off the rotation schedule.

My heart is breaking for her. I just feel sorry for the doll.

It’s because I’m crazy. Baby Dolls don’t have feelings. And the new one is much better!

In trying to explain my feelings about the neglect Baby Nora is facing, I asked Rachel what would happen if I stopped loving her just because I have Miriam now. I don’t think she understood the question because she just gave me a hug and said, “I love you, Mommy!”

I love both of my babies—the old one and the new one.


  1. Sounds like a re-read of the Velveteen Rabit is called for!

  2. Rachel is so cute!

    I have to admit, I did the same thing as you as a kid. In fact, I even made sure that if I tied my left shoe first one day, I would tie the right one first the next day. Because, you know, the right one might feel bad if it didn't have a turn to be first...

  3. that happened to Tyler. And I kept telling him: "poor ducky, I think he is sad!" and he would just say I still play with him... sometimes... or I would remind him of Toy Story and how Woody got replaced by Buzz. :) but in the end he still does not care about ducky! :)